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Patrick, CEO – Profitable Designer

“Kevin helped me get 5.5x return on investment from my marketing with his sales and email strategies”

Spenser – CEO, Gully

The Experience working with experts was great. They know email.

Client Comments from successful projects:

Enterprise SaaS + Kevin = Leads 🔥
(+40% deliverability means 40% more emails sent without doing more work!)
Note-  5 new leads per week is pretty awesome if your selling price is $50k per client, per annum.

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Amervim, CEO – Amervim LLC

My business tripled within 6 months. The growth was explosive.”

Alyssa, CEO – Alyssa LLC

“Kevin helped me master the sales and marketing process.

Eric, CEO

Sold His $25,000 B2B Service in 30 days. Plus 2 new leads

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